All FSI accessories carry a 100% satisfaction guarantee against manufacturer's defects in original materials and workmanship. If your FSI accessory shows evidence of such defects, FSI will fix, repair, or replace your accessory at the most cost effective manner possible. FSI does not warranty products or damage caused to our products as a result from improper installation or incorrect installation of other manufacturers' products or from regular wear and tear. Be sure to keep your sales ticket or receipt as proof of purchase date when making a claim.
During the first 30 days of purchase, shall a problem arise, FSI relies on our retailer to offer our consumer the quickest service response possible. Under the discretion or the policy of our retailer, the after sales service covers the exchange or replacement of FSI products. No other warranty expressed otherwise.
All warranty is up to 90 days from date of purchase and will no longer apply after the 90 day period.
FSI's 100% Satisfaction guarantee does not cover the wear and tear of the product or damages caused by the act of God.
To ensure the quick and expeditious response to your warranty claim please email us with a description of the problem(s) your are experiencing. Additional picture attachments are recommended.
Email: support@fieldsportinc.com